To My Dear Audience:

I should call this post an update, as I’ve been gone for a few months after a nice timeout. Now I feel energized & focused, ready to get back to work with my website and helping you.

During my time away, I also broke my ankle after a mountain biking accident -hey, at least I was exercising! I had ankle surgery in which my old screws & plate were removed (yes, I had broken my ankle before – both in fact, at different times [13 broken bones so far] – and endured subsequent surgeries) and new screws & plate installed in a different area of my ankle. So as you can imagine, I was in a world of pain for a month & a half. I’m 100% healed now, no pain or reduction in movement at all, and I’m riding again! Not bad, considering that I’m 55.

Also, I began taking more classes at my Veterans Hospital; they have to do with realigning thought processes, known as cognitive intervention. Therefore I’m picking up and practicing the latest techniques, which I might consider sharing with my audience in the near future after I complete my classes. It’s a 2 month course, so please wait, ha-ha.

To my newcomers, a warm welcome. I recently added a new account on Facebook intended to lure more folks to this website, so you might be here now because of that effort and I hope you’re ready to get started and make changes in your lives so you will realize the benefits that come from using this site to your advantage.

To all, take care and continue on your journey into the Zero Stress Zone.






Scream: It’s Unnecessary



Edvard Munch’s disturbing pastel painting, “Scream,” profoundly brings to my mind a picture of the absolute worst feeling of mental anguish there could ever be. I must say that I have been in that hopeless zone before – and not just a few times.

More and more, I am witnessing stress on a grand scale, in the public & in news media, where “everyday” people seem so near to what Edvard Munch certainly intended to depict as the frightening meltdown of the mind and spirit. And, well, stress can kill you – if not soon, then later down the road with heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, obesity, cancer, blocked arteries, pulmonary obstructions, drastic weight loss, and sleeplessness that can impair judgement and end up in a scenario like when a person drives as badly as an intoxicated driver and gets killed in an accident (and perhaps kill others in the process).

Stressful situations are growing exponentially as society splits and has to move faster than ever.

Every decade – per capita – there are more and more broken families, jobs that are destroyed, substance abuse, child abuse, outright rudeness & disrespect, people abandoning their church life, and more “inexplicable” meltdowns, whereas mass shootings, committed by disturbed persons that had originally been considered to be model citizens and perfect neighbors, kill and injure innocent citizens on larger & larger scales.

Okay, we all understand that everything worldwide has to move faster & faster – as far as the world’s citizens are concerned – because of the rapid, exponential growth of technology and more consumer goods produced and going to market. This places what I consider to be borderline inhumane conditions on the people, the workers, who need to either learn faster & work faster, or they are out of a job because they could not adapt to an ever-increasing pace, a dangerously stressful pace.

And there are more consumers now who want everything or they get bored. They want it and they want it now. They want the next big toy they believe will make them happier in the long-term and believing they will never tire of their frivolous time-wasters.

Well, all that mass consumerism is a quick fix and has no potential to soothe the soul in the long-run. People are freaking themselves out instead of making time for wholesome family time, time to meditate, time for a strictly low- key, subdued & relaxing vacation, time to connect with the spiritual essence of everything that Is & will always Be: a state of Being and acknowledging the state and relativity of everything that Is, time to connect with nature, time to eat clean, and time to exercise. These people are out of balance and as so, they may not even take the time to learn how to live a balanced lifestyle.


Wipe that “Scream” off your face and step into the Zero Stress Zone.

Reduce stress with nature; it’s only natural to be outside

Les gorges du Tarn vues du Roc des Hourtous (Lozère, France)
Les gorges du Tarn vues du Roc des Hourtous (Lozère, France)

Mankind developed in pristine nature.

Our ancestors were wildly primitive for thousands of years. Therefore we still, somewhere in our mental wiring, have instincts to get outside and into nature. Instinctively, we know that nature is going to reduce our stress.

The Scientific, Psychiatric, and Medical professions have already proven that even just a few minutes outdoors in natural environments helps to reduce our anxiety significantly. It even improves our intelligence.

Pohnpei_Island_beach (1)

That instinctive relief mechanism even activates when people get out in their backyards and tend to their gardens, work in their greenhouses, and mow their lawns.

Many of my readers and followers undoubtedly get outdoors once in a while, and I applaud them. I certainly hope that there are more than a few who go out for days while camping, kayaking, rock climbing, rafting, and hiking. I mention that because lengthy outings are the equivalent of an “overhaul” for your mind, body, and spirit. Can you imagine how great you would feel? And also how long-term the feel would be upon returning home? Even if you are inexperienced and feel you could never go on an outing, you can still find professional guides for any outdoor activity. (I wish I had that as an occupation!)

Van_Gogh_-_Blühender_Obstgarten3 (2)

Come on, go out and do something just like our ancestors did – you could never regret it. Hike up the trail and into the Zero Stress Zone.

An overview of Zero Stress Zone


Hello and welcome to your journey into the Zero Stress Zone!

Although there will always be some degree of stress, I like to have my followers believe that they are working toward a totally stress-free life, because that is the dream that gets people motivated to work on their lifestyle changes. The less stress that they notice, the more they want, and there is really is no end to the positive lifestyle changes they can make in their lives.

It is a fact that stress is necessary, as it forces us to adapt and grow. But it is also a fact that if stress keeps making us feel sick, upset, and angry, then we have a stress problem that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible, because too much stress is not healthy for the mind & body. And it is not healthy when it affects your social life, your job, your family, and your coworkers.

Reducing stress is a learning process. And if you apply yourself, in gradual steps, you will know how to care for yourself just as naturally as it is to breathe.

You may have to make some monetary investments to further your stress reduction program, but learn some things first, like what your ideal lifestyle might be, before you decide whether you’d like to own your own home gym, or bicycle, or take Tai Chi lessons, or purchase aromatherapy misters, Yoga mats & apparel, or indulge in a luxurious spa vacation.

Lifestyle change is necessary to long-term wellness, so keep returning, as this website will continue to evolve & expand. There will be new posts, there will be new additions to my pages on Physical Exercise, Relaxation Techniques, Diet, and my Home Page. Depending on feedback, I might start up new pages. There will also be new products featured, geared toward your considerations of your ideal lifestyle choices.

So hop on! You are welcome to join me on the many pathways that lead to the Source: The Zero Stress Zone.